Rencontres IF 2024

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INSA Lyon, IT Department

21st edition · November 14th, 2024
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One school, INSA Lyon


1st engineering school in France

Since 1957, INSA Lyon has trained more than 31,000 engineers and is one of the largest research centers in France. Each year, it welcomes a wide variety of profiles thanks to a sharp selection.


International students

INSA Lyon promotes international openness by placing it at the heart of training. Indeed, the school counts more than 30% of international students and an experience abroad is necessary for the diploma.


A complete 5-year course

The INSA Lyon engineering course lasts five years and enables each student to acquire solid scientific skills. The school also values a humanist and citizen formation through an important associative engagement.

120 IT engineers graduate every year

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A specialisation, IT


A high quality curriculum

The academic curriculum in is internationally acknowledged for its excellence. The IT Department of INSA Lyon has since 1969 trained multi-skilled and versatile engineers. The courses, given by researchers and experts, are in accordance with industrial needs and at the cutting edge of research and development.


Technical skills

Students get an overview of the different areas of computer science and information technology. Thanks to the solid methodological and technical bases they acquire, students develop a set of skills that meet the market demand.


A project oriented curriculum

The curriculum, punctuated by numerous team projects, enables students to develop their spirit of teamwork and put their project management skills as well as their technical skills into practice. They are thus operational and armed to become driving forces within your teams.

A unique event bringing together over a hundred students

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The internship and job fair, the RIF


An unequalled proximity

About forty companies are invited to the Department to meet the engineering students. You will be welcomed by our team composed exclusively of students. Students are free of classes during the day of the event, it allows them to come to get information, ask questions, establish contact. This event is the best way for companies to offer internships, to meet our IT MEng students and establish contact with interesting profiles.


New edition

For this 2024 edition, the Rencontres IF will take place on November 14th, 2024 at the INSA Lyon IT Department. This will be a great opportunity to enhance your visibility and meet many students looking for their ideal internship. This event helps to develop a privileged link between companies and students.


Various profiles

Thanks to the early date of this event, your company will be able to meet with all the profiles learning in the IT Department: 3rd, 4th, and 5th year engineering students, PhD students from the LIRIS laboratory, and specialized master's students. This will be an opportunity to fill your internship offers ranging from 2 to 6 months.